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ATM Card Services: Important Notice

In accordance with the Circular issued by the Autoridade Monetária de Macau (“AMCM”) on 8th November, 2013, chip-based technology has been implemented at all ATMs in Macau. Enhanced security controls for overseas ATM services have been adopted to protect customers when using overseas ATMs which do not support chip-based technology.

Chip-based ATM Card Activation Reminder

All magnetic stripe-based ATM cards became invalid on 14th June, 2014, and new chip-based UnionPay ATM cards have been issued to customers as a replacement. The Personal Identification Number, daily cash withdrawal limit and linked accounts of your new chip-based card are unchanged from those associated with your previous ATM card. If you still have not yet activated your chip-based ATM card, please do so as soon as possible.  To activate, you simply need to conduct a transaction using the new card at any BEA or JETCO ATM. If your new card has not been activated on or before 5th October, 2014, the card will be suspended on 6th October, 2014. To reactivate a suspended chip-based ATM card, please visit BEA Macau Branch or any of its sub-branches during office hours.

Enhanced Security Controls for Overseas ATM Services  demo

In accordance with the requirements of the AMCM, with effect from 26th May, 2014, the overseas ATM cash withdrawal function for all ATM cards has been preset as “deactivated”.

To ensure that you can use overseas ATM cash withdrawal services, please remember to activate the overseas ATM cash withdrawal function of your ATM card before travelling by setting the activation period and overseas daily withdrawal limit of the card via any of the following channels:

  • Local ATMs 
  • BEA Cyberbanking - Internet

If you have any queries, please feel free to call our ATM Card Service Hotline on (853) 8598 3688 during office hours.