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ATM Card and PIN Security Tips

  1. Do not keep the Personal Identification Number (“PIN”) issued by BEA Macau Branch together with your ATM card.
  2. Change your PIN immediately when using your ATM card for the first time and destroy any documents containing PIN information.
  3. Do not write down your PIN. You should memorise it.
  4. Do not send your PIN through email/SMS and never use the same PIN to access other services.
  5. Do not write down your PIN on the card face and do not disclose your PIN to anyone including any joint account holder.
  6. Do not, under any circumstances, disclose your PIN to anyone who claims to represent the BEA Macau Branch, or who claims to be an employee of the BEA Macau Branch or other authorised person, or the police. It is not necessary for anyone to know your PIN. BEA Macau Branch will never ask for your PIN by any means, including email, SMS, phone, or any other method.
  7. Do not use combinations for your PIN that are readily accessible/deducible, such as your identity card number, telephone number, date of birth, driving licence number, or any popular number sequence (such as 987654 or 123456). Avoid using the same digit consecutively or the same sequence of numbers more than twice (such as 112233 or 383838) in a PIN.
  8. For security reasons, change your PIN regularly.
  9. If you enter an incorrect PIN several times (5 times) consecutively, the service will be suspended. Please reset your PIN at the BEA Macau Branch to resume the service.
  10. Be alert to your surroundings before conducting any banking transactions. Make sure no one sees your PIN and cover the keypad when you enter your PIN on any device, such as an ATM or other self-service terminal.
  11. Check that the protective keypad cover is intact before using any ATM in Macau. If in doubt, please notify the bank concerned immediately.
  12. Should you notice any suspicious devices at an ATM (such as micro-skimmers, pin-hole cameras, or fake key pads) or any suspicious activities around you when performing an ATM transaction, cancel your transaction immediately and inform BEA Macau Branch.
  13. When you have completed your ATM transaction, please retrieve your ATM card as instructed. Never try pushing your card back into the ATM.
  14. Remember to take your cash and the ATM card after each ATM cash withdrawal.
  15. Count the banknotes immediately after each cash withdrawal. Keep all transaction receipts and check them against your account records.
  16. Do not take away any banknotes from the cash dispenser or any ATM card from the card insertion slot left behind by someone else. Let the banknotes or ATM card return into the ATM automatically.
  17. Do not ask someone else to perform any ATM or POS transactions for you.
  18. Do not accept assistance from strangers. If you encounter any problem at the ATM, contact the BEA Macau Branch directly.
  19. If you intend to withdraw cash from overseas ATMs, you should activate the overseas ATM cash withdrawal function in advance and set a prudent overseas ATM cash withdrawal limit and an activation period. You may also check with the bank in advance whether your ATM card can be used to withdraw cash at your intended overseas destination.
  20. Check your bank balance and transaction history regularly. Contact the BEA Macau Branch immediately of any actual or suspected unauthorised use of your ATM card and/or PIN.
  21. If your ATM card is lost or stolen or if someone else learns your PIN, please inform us immediately by visiting the BEA Macau Branch, or call the Lost Card Reporting Hotline on (853) 8598 3636.